Wards Chapel Church began on October 4, 1852 when Nathan Ward deeded the property to archer Jones and other Trustees of Wards Chapel Church by donating the land and building. The church was names in Mr. Wards honor.
The church was a simple white clapboard structure comparable in size with most churches built during that period. It had two entrances, two aisles, and an overhead slave gallery at the rear. An ex-slave of the Ward family, William Ward, once reminisced about having helped with the building, suggesting that the work was done by slave labor.
The Methodist used the church for twenty years. The Methodist then sold the church on June 6, 1872 to the Presbyterians of Nottoway County.
The Presbyterians used the church for twenty-three years and then sold it back to the Methodist on May 20, 1895, and has remained with the Methodist since.
Wards chapel United Methodist Church became a member of the Burkeville charge in 1902.
The old church building was replaced by the present church building in 1959.
Reverend frank Blake preached the first sermon to a full house on November 22, 1959.
On December 6, 1959 the first homecoming and laying of the cornerstone was held. Over 350 people attended.The contract price to construct the new building was $43,730.00. An additional $3,000.00 was raised and the finishing work in the basement was done by the members. The entire debt was paid within 10 years.
In 2012 Wards Chapel United Methodist Church went under a new addition in which an elevator was installed and a new entrance to the church. Additional bathrooms were also installed.  The new addition was dedicated on Sunday April 13, 2013.

Archived Church Profile
T. P. Reynolds, Jr.       1968-1972
Gene C, Tatum            1972-1976
Robert C. Sowder       1976-1980
David Anderson          1980-1982
Paul D. Morlaw           1982-1983
Dean Tony                  1983-1985
Richard Lathrop          1985-1989
L. Wayne Carter          1989-1993
Barry Burkholder         1993-2000
George Wirsing           2000-2/1/2001
Karen Sandoval           2/1/2001-5/1-2001
David M.Canada         5/1-2001-6/30/2005
Herndon Jeffreys         1/1/2005-6/30/2009
James F. Brown           7/1/2009-6/30/2014
Lisa S. Meyers           7/1/14-present

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