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 What the United Methodist Women Group Means to Me

By Susan Lindsey

When I was approached and asked to write about the United Methodist Women’s group at Ward’s Chapel  and what that group means to me, I froze.  Not because I was afraid to write or because I had to come up with something to write about.  I froze because I couldn’t narrow it down to just a few reasons why I enjoy being a part of it.  
You may think that all the group does is bake pies and cakes for the Harvest Festival and cater one Ash Wednesday service during every Lenten Season.  The women participate in every fundraiser for our church.  In the past, the women have held a silent auction and raffled off hand-crocheted afghans and a quilt to assist with the church’s building fund.  The group has also participated in providing food for auctions held at Crewe Tractor.  Funds raised by the food sales went to assisting others through various missions.
Not only does the group assist with the church’s fundraisers, it also raises money for charities and families in our area.  Twice each year, the women’s group provides a meal for the Burkeville Ruritans.  The donation received for the meals goes to other charities, both local and worldwide. The United Methodist Women’s Group provides support for Kits for Conference each year.  These kits leave from Crewe and travel worldwide to fulfill a need (birthing kits, cleaning kits, school kits, etc.)  
Other activities the group is involved in are organizing the gifts for Father’s Day for each male member of the church on Father’s Day Sunday, assist families with meals for funerals, help out at Christmas with angels from our Angel Tree, and donating to Henry Fork Service Center for Families.
Ward’s Chapel United Methodist Women’s group would love to have you as a member.  They meet every third Sunday of the month (except June, July, and August) and enjoy some great fellowship. As the youngest member of the group, I can say that it is fun and these ladies teach me something new every month.  They are truly dedicated to missions and doing God’s work through our church and the Methodist Women’s Group!